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Default [Suggestion]: Quick connect & queuen (passive mode)

Hi there,

My first post and already a suggestion, doesnt look too well,
but I do have some experiances using flashfxp. And I did use
the search function but it came up empty.

Anyway, I was wondering about 2 things,

Why clear all the edit boxes in the quick connect dialog
If I enter all the info in the quick connect box, but I made a typo
in the pass. I cant connect to the server, cant use the reconnect
function, and I have to fill in all the info again in the quick connect
dialog. Why not remember the last thing you typed in there and
add a clear button or something?

passive mode is not remembered in the queue
Sometimes I have to switch off passive mode option for a
ftp server, I download some files, and suddenly my pc crashes.
When I start flashfxp again, it loads the queue again and wants
to connect in passive mode, because that the default option I set
in flashfxp. How come the passive setting isnt rememered in the

Guess that all I wanted to say

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