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thunk: Good suggestions. My current ioFTPD locally has two modifications similar to your suggestions, so look for these in the near future. First off, zero byte files are no longer created as a result of failed connections. This seemed to happen via FXP a lot, but can certainly happen in low disk space scenarios so I'll see if I can do the same thing there.

The other change I'm toying with is the Overwrite/Resume/Upload rule for existing 0 byte files. I changed zero byte files to fall under the Upload rule rather than overwrite/resume rules. This would seem to allow less permissive rules for average users since they would no longer need Overwrite authority.

I'll see how hard file pattern matching would be, but I agree that could be a good thing. In particular I like the idea of granting unlimited read ability to *.nfo files without necessarily granting download rights to all files in a directory. This would allow "look" style accounts without the use of an external script.
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