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Default Changelog

v6.2.0 Release Notes:

1) [internal] Added the KEEP_CASE option to the PWD_CWD() function which
   preserves the case on the final component when resolving names.

2) You can now change the case of letters in a filename.  i.e you can
   rename "test" to "Test".

3) Changed the RNFR/RNTO functions to guarantee that any simple rename of a
   file or directory will not result in the object being moved to the last
   listed drive in a merged/raided dir.  If you change the directory path of
   a file/directory though it will still move to the last listed vfs mount.

4) Fixed the symbolic links not showing up problem when using the
   No_SubDir_Sizing option.  All updates to directories now invalidate
   the faked out entry in the parent directory.

5) New site command (site symlink target | name) which creates a symlink.
   As a convenient shorthand you can leave off the "| name" part and it
   will use the last directory component for the name.  Symlinks created
   via this method differ slightly from those created via mkd/chattr in
   that they do not create a NEWDIR log entry.

6) ioFTPD.ini: Added "site symlink" permission flags 3GV1M

7) Fixed relative symlinks.  You can now use links of the form a -> b,
   a -> ../b, a -> ../../foo/b.  Previously you could use relative links
   but it was necessary to prepend an extra "../" which is clearly wrong
   when viewing a directory listing.

8) Deleting a symbolic link to a directory via remove directory (RMD) will
   now return an error (not a directory) intead of trying to delete the
   target of the link.
   NOTE: I don't know of any clients that would issue this command as they
   would use DELE instead, but this seems liked bad behaviour.

9) Deleting a symbolic link to a directory via delete file (DELE) will now
   delete the link instead of returning access denied.  Permission check
   is made as a file (i.e. Delete or DeleteOwn)

10) Deleting a symbolic link directly via DELE will not generate a DELDIR
    log event such as would be created via chattr/rmd.

11) [internal] Fixed a potential read of freed memory in Delete_File().

12) New site command (ioversion).  Prints the version of ioFTPD in use.

13) ioFTPD.ini: Added "site ioversion" permission flags - 1VM
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