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Talking ioFTPD v6.2.0 Beta Released

Symbolic link updates/fixes, file rename fixes, and 2 new site commands.

Basically this is the symbolic link updates I was talking about. However I ended up fixing the improper resolving of relative symbolic links so it's likely this will break existing relative links and hence the 6.2 vs 6.1.5 version. I didn't think leaving links alone was acceptable because specifying them differently for ioFTPD than all other systems just doesn't make sense. They are also visible in directory listings as well so people could become confused (like, uh, me when my test cases didn't work!)...

Check the Changelog for details like the format of the new site symlink command.

The bad news is there is clearly a memory corruption problem lurking somewhere. I had my 6.1.4 server crash a day or so ago after a month of stability, and several people have reported similar problems although it appears to be relatively rare...

Latest Version:

P.S. Let me know what scripts use relative symbolic links. If there are lots of problems I can add an option to revert to the old resolving logic even though it's wrong...

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