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Several things to keep an eye on.

1) Can the master account create a file in the directory? If you give the user the M flag for a second can they also create a file? If so then it isn't an NTFS permission issue.

2) Do the user and master account use the same VFS file? If so then it probably isn't a vfs file issue. [NOTE: I think ioGUI has trouble creating a new user with a non-default .vfs file, you need to create the user using the default then edit the vfs field after creation].

3) Does the user have permission via ioftpd.ini file? I.e. "Upload /* 31VM". As pointed out above the order of the matching entry matters.

4) Does the virtual filesystem grant permission? I.e. "site chmod 777 ." on the directory fix it?

That's pretty much the checklist... You wrote "Also for some strange reason when you log in with that user I don't see a file that's supposed to be there." One case where this happens is when you have a real directory being obscured by a virtual directory. I.e. c:\site is \ and a c:\site\Incoming directory exists and in one VFS you mount d:\myftp\Incoming onto /Incoming. One user will see the D drive incoming and the other the C one... Or if you're using different .vfs files mounting different dirs especially if one is misspelled! Take a look at your vfs files...
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