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Lightbulb FlashFXP Does NOT phone Home

The reason I even signed up for the forum is so I can post this message.

I realise that the other thread relating to this subject is now closed, and with good reason.

I have performed several packet sniffing runs whilst running FlashFXP.
I used the following packet sniffers - Iris, Ethereal, Dsniff (just in case some switches were involved )

Not ONE of these detected a packet(s) going to ANY server that I can find that is in anyway connected with FlashFXP/CEDSoft or any known affiliates/partners/relations or even their dogs !! (Should any of them own one <g>). Traffic was sent ONLY to those systems where I had initialised the connection. Tests were run over a 7 day period, sessions (Data Capture) lasted anywhere between 10 mins and 3 hours (I went bleary eyed looking at this one !)

The unreg copy of FlashFXP does NOT send any information to CEDSoft, period. The Regged copy sends some information, like we have all been told, and some traffic was seen when live update is executed. Again, we have been told !

I am in NO way afiiliated with CEDSoft/FlashFXP, I am by profession a Network Analyst / Information Systems Security Officer, so hopefulyl I know what I'm talking about ! ( I'm not out of a job yet anyway :-) )

From what I have seen you should be able to trust these people with what they tell you CLEARLY about their product. They have spelled out their intentions concisely and clearly, at least give them the benefit of the doubt.

Buy the product if you like it, don't if you don't ....

Live and let live.

PS. On a side note*:- Users should only have been concerned about this if they were using the program for "illegal" activities in the first place ! I don't really understand how someone can complain about privacy issues whilst breaking the law
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