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I'm using ioPRECHECK 0.1.1 beta (not sure if that is the latest, as the link in here isn't working currently) and it's working pretty good but I am having a few issues.

this is my ban list of dirs

# Dirs that will not be allowed to be created
set ioFM(pd_ban_dirs) {
/: *German*
/: *Linux*
/: *Unix*
/: *FreeBSD*
/: *J2ME*
/: *Delphi*
/: *Trainer*
/: *Solaris*
/: *PalmOS*
/: *SymbianOS*
/: *XScale*
/: *Comic.eBook*

And for some reason when I try to upload Your.Uninstaller.2006.Pro.v5.0.0.361.WinAll.Regged-CRD it says dir is banned.

I used to have *PPC* as well but that was blocking several directories from being allowed to be uploaded.

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