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this is the first beta so probarbly contains some bugs.

it needs to be unpacked in ..\scripts\ioPRECHECK\ otherwise it wont work

- fixed xdupe (now it works as it shuld.
+ added option to ban dual dl and upload.
+ added option to let ppl with leech wait Xmin before being able to dl a new file.
+ Added Zip. Only allows zipfiles from same rels to be uploaded to the same dir.

2007-09-01 - small fix xdupe now responds. (To update replace ioPRECHECK.itcl)


* all matching done in regexp
* ban unwanted dirs/groups/files
* ban creation of dirs within subdirs
* only allow sample files in sample dirs
* only allow certain files/dirs (global or section)
* verify files with sfv before upload.
* ban some files beeing uploaded before sfv.
* deny upload and mkd in root
* custom output to ioftpd
* might have forgot something but i'm in a hurry

* bugfixes (this is the first beta)
* suggestions
* cleanup

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