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Default Installed PSTools yet?

Originally Posted by _gordon_ View Post
it wont connect to irc server for me :/
i dont know whats wrong but it stops at this point..

[R] 200-Successfully Started Eggdrop ("sitebot" - eggdrop.conf).
[R] 200 Command successful.

when running it manually from cmd promt it works ok
Um, iv seen that somewhare before. If im not mistaken is was the PSTools firstlaunch. You know, when you haveto read and press the license agreement before usage. Have you seen that popup from PSTools yet?

and these below haveto be edited to match your bot settings.

@echo off
set Systemroot=C:\WINDOWS
set path="X:\ioFTPD\scripts\pstools"
cd "X:\ioFTPD\eggdrop"

rem Change this to the name of your bot's config:
set botscript=eggdrop.conf

rem Change this to the handle/botnet-nick of your bot:
set botname="changeme"

rem Change this to the name of your bot's userfile:
set userfile=changeme.user
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