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Default Ordering Issue

Not sure where else to put this, I've tried the contact us page and got no response and well the phone number goes to some clueless individuals which will be later explained...

Several nights ago I ordered an electronic license, it said it was for immediate delivery. Well after placing my order, I received an email, but it said the order status that said "not finished" although I got a Order complete on the web page. A little confusing. So after waiting about an hour I tried calling the 866.446.4266 and they say they see no order out there that it must not have worked and that they recommend that I just replace the order on the phone. I do just that. I get the email immediately while on the phone with them containing my license information. Everything is fine. I come in the next morning and I have an email with another license. Apparently, the original order did in fact go through, it just took several hours to process vice being "immediate".

I would like to get a refund for my additional $25 as I have no need for two licenses.

05/19/2007 INICOM NETWORKS INC $25.00

Thank you for your time.
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