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Originally Posted by Zer0Racer View Post
You can use the detailed vfs permissions in ioFTPD.ini for this. For example if you've mapped both groups homedirs to the same virtual name in their vfs:

MakeDir = /home/* *
Upload = /home/* *
Download = /home/* =groupB !=groupA !*
DeleteOwn = /home/* =groupB !=groupA !*
RenameOwn = /home/* =groupB !=groupA !*
But don't forget to always keep the default permissions at the bottom to not screw up the permissions for the rest of the site. Example:

Download = /home/* =groupB !=groupA !*
Download = * *
Sweet, Zero, this looks exactly what i was looking for Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: There´s a few VFS sections through out the ioftpd.ini file, which one are you referring to in your answer? I guess it´s the one in the "Permissions" section, but better safe than sorry

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