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Default Permissions on a per .vfs basis?

Hi guys, hope you can bear with me for a while now, im suffering from a "forgot-all-about-configuring-ioFTPD"-syndrome but i am slowly recovering

Let´s say i have three different groups added to the site. Each of the groups uses their own vfs file so they can only see and access the harddrive directory configured in their vfs. All well there, no problem. But now i want to set permissions for what each group is allowed to do in their home dir, like uploading, downloading etcetera etcetera. Can i set permissions on a vfs basis then? Like, group A is allowed to upload in their homedir, but no more, group B is allowed both up/downloading and so on.

Does this make any sense? What i am trying to find out is if i can describe different permissions for each group. Looking at the ioftpd.ini it seems like i have to define permissions for each group in the .ini file, is that the way it should be done?
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