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Hi o_dog.

I have a problem with making customizing theme.

Some variables such as %g_racer_mbytes, %u_racer_mbytes and %t_mbytes alaways announce with MB text.

I've tried changing something or other. (set speedmeasure "disabled" in dZSbot.conf, MB = "%value" in theme file, etc.)

But not a clue has yet been found to solve the problem.

Could you help me fix it properly?

If I use variables such as %t_mbytes, %t_duration, I'd like to make it look like right below
"570.3MB in 2m 27s by 4 racers"

instead of being viewed like these
"570.3MB in 2m 27s by 4 racers" or
"570.3MB in 2m 27s by 4 racers"

I hope you would understand that I'm not good at English.

Current Setup: ioFTPD v6.2.0 + ioNiNJA beta v0.2.3-2007-10-19 + nxTools v1.0.6

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