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Isn't it bug?

[racer ][JPOP] Sunset_Swish-Arigato-CDM-JP-2007-COCMP3 :: aman is racing aman/agroup at 454KB/s.

race himself?

If its race_mv_video, then...

[racer ][XVID] And.Then.Came.Love.2007.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LPD :: aman is racing %r_name/%r_gname at 2.23MB/s.

[done ][XVID] And.Then.Came.Love.2007.LiMiTED.DVDRip.XviD-LPD (UNKNOWN from And Then Came Love) with 50 files (707.2MB) was completed in 5m 13s (avg. 2.26MB/s) by 2 user(s) in 2 group(s).

why it is showed "UNKNOWN"?
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