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Thumbs up PZS-NG dZSBOT Modded for ioFTPD

2007-09-19 Fixed Top.tcl, now only ouputs mx nr of users specified (replace top.tcl)
2007-09-19 Fixed the sysop parseing, now announces addip etc etc as it should (replace dZSbot.tcl to update)
2007-09-11 Fixed the ping in bnccheck. Added tagline to new/deldir. Added new imdbscript, sitecmd and !nuke command and several other plugins. fixed some
bugs i think. Might have added a few though. report and i will fix them.

#ioNiNJA on EFnet or leave a message here.

Report bugs in this thread

NOTE. unless people report bugs i cannot fix them. =)

Hope you enjoy the script.

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