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Originally Posted by Yil
Zero: I went back to the function map and that address is in the ListMergeInfo function which is something I wrote for the new directory listing code. When using merged/raided dirs it sums up the entries from two different directories with the same name into a faked out single entry. This eliminates the old 5.8+ code where you would see dir ABC and then later on another ABC dir (or if you view it sorted two next to each other). Since this should only be called when merging mount points or when you have two directories of the same name beneath those mount points can you confirm you actually are using that feature?

Oops, looks like I use that to fake out the root entry of every directory, but still, would be good to know the types of VFS dirs being used.
At the moment I don't use merged directories. Root is a dir containing two symlinks and one empty dir named [sitename], yes including the brackets. That dir is chmodded to 000. The symlinks are updated manually every month or so.

All the other dirs are mounted seperately into that root dir and one or two are mounted with underscore infront of the name in order to be at the top of the dirlist ie. "x:\somedir" mounted as /_archive. Such mount points sometimes also occur as subdirs inside any given dir mounted to root.

And btw I don't use Allowed_Recursive or No_Subdir_Sizing.
Allowed_Recursive       = !*
Hide_Xfer_Host          = True
No_SubDir_Sizing        = False
Hope this helps, and if you need any other info just let me know
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