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Hey Yil.

Got some info that might help tracking down one of those internal bugs that crashes ioFTPD. The last few days I've experienced a handful of crashes directly after issuing ie. MKDIR command after LOGIN. The ioFTPD.log logs the LOGIN event but not NEWDIR. This is the 0x00418d34 crash and the event when I started io again manually.
07-07-2007 16:36:59 LOGIN: "FTP_Service" "***" "***" "***" "*@***"
07-07-2007 16:39:04 START: "PID=5276" "CmdLine="
[18:43:56] [R] MKD ***
[18:43:57] [R] Connection lost: ***
Another time nothing strange happened but one user logged in download some files and ioFTPD crashed the same second the xferlog logged that that user just transferred another file. This last occurance was logged as 0x0042010a in the crash log.

Some info that might be relevant; I hide IPs in xferlog, use SSL, global outbound speedlimit, on OnUploadComplete I use EXEC ZR-Ban, EXEC ioZS, TCL newdir script and TCL nfourl script and PRE mkd I have ZR-Ban and newdir, and on OnFtpLogin I use the script ioActivity to log last logins.

EDIT: I decided to disable the newdir script for now to rule it out.


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