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Default V6.1.2

New version:

I fixed a dumb error I made in the new crc32 code that could cause problems. Since this is used to correctly calculate the CRC for resumed uploads everyone needs to update if your on a 6.1 release. Only the ioFTPD.exe executable itself changed.

For 4 hours I FXP'd files between 2 local computers while at the same time FXPing between 2 logins on the same machine with ioGUI updating every second and me issuing a few random commands on yet another login. No problems. Some indications that there are a few potential issues in the php/tcl libraries though...

Let me know if anybody gets any crashes with this version along with what additions you are using. I'm not using any zipscripts so I may go ahead and configure ioSFV since it uses a lot of TCL commands and see if that turns up anything.

If anyone is feeling really bored a list of commands to create a user and a group and then change all the fields in both and then delete them would be good. Plus an example of every other site command... I can use that to verify everything works...
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