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Mave: Sorry, there isn't a way to move the credits automatically. You can lookup the credits in the other sections and then use "SITE CHANGE user CREDITS +-num [section]" manually. If you have lots of users consider a tcl script to do it for you

Flow: got yourself auto-banned huh? Join the club! The good news is the ban is only like 10 minutes long, but be careful that 10 minute counter is reset every time you attempt to connect and are still banned... The bad news is your solution of changing the max connections for the user isn't going to help you. Auto-banning is based on connection attempts and is separate from max simultaneous logins. You can configure the options in the ioFTPD.ini file though:

# To be removed from the ban list a user MUST NOT attempt to connect during
# the temp ban time else he'll just keep pushing the ban farther out...
Connections_To_Ban         = 6          # 6 connections without a reset and
                                        # IP is temp banned (5)
Ban_Counter_Reset_Interval = 60         #
Temporary_Ban_Duration     = 600        # Seconds host remains banned
BTW, is immune from auto-banning and is always valid even if Reject_Unknown_Ips is enabled and no user has that address. Might not help you much if you're at a different computer though... In the future perhaps a list of immune addresses could be added to support BNCs or trusted computers...
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