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Default Shared section

Hey Yil .... Darn i,m amazed again of the progress you make and a BIG thx for the requested feature ( share section ) i asked for short time back.

17) New field in ioFTPD.ini under [Sections] (<share section #>).
<alias> = <credit section #> <stats section #> <share section #> <path>
If you specify a <share section #> when defining a section then instead of
credits being applied to the current section they are added/spent from
the shared section. The biggest benefit of this is to enable you to
set different ratios for different sections but have a single credit
pool for the user.

Now i got one question .... is there a way to move all the existing creds in the other sections to this shared section? Cause i dont want the users to loose the existing creds.

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