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Zer0: CPSV missing from FEAT... check

oldhouse: freespace alias missing... check. The release tree is maintained separate from development so things like the cache/logfiles/etc don't get zip'd up. I guess I forgot to move a line over...

Flow: I think I know what the problem is though I don't read german... I was very careful to build ioFTPD and the tcl/php libraries to NOT require the newer VS2005 MS CRT DLLs. I however failed to do so with the helper apps so you will probably get the same error with the new ioFTPD-Start application. I'll rebuild and remove the runtime dependency since I'm not sure how you get the libraries since the license prohibits redistribution I believe.

ZerO: I think the only way to find the problem is to compile from the source, run it under the debugger and/or with tools like Purify, BoundsChecker, etc and test out lots of commands. I plan to do this soon as I've implemented almost everything now and getting it stable is now the top priority. The debugger still has problems with closesocket() in some situations but I'm not sure if that's a real problem or not since the socket libraries are notoriously bad. It does prevent releasing a general purpose debug build for you to use since it won't stay up long without saying there is a problem...

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