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Hey Yil. Here some info on a crash that just occured on my machine with 6.1.0.
Unhandled exception 3221225477 at address 0x004e4268 (0x00000000)
0x00000000 0x7235393b
Again it seems to be that low level stuff (0x004...) that you mentioned in the 6.0 thread. This time it was running for 2hrs 3mins 16secs with very low activity - less than 20 files total uploaded or downloaded, less than 10 logins/logouts, ran uinfo command 4 times and while cleaning up my ini file I rehashed 4 times.
During this time-period what could have happened? The things I can come to think of are; the scheduler issues ConfigUpdate every 20 mins and that I use the Global_Outbound_Bandwidth option which I also changed one or two times and then rehashed the config, and I have some 70 lines of detailed vfs permissions that I guess io has to check for every event (cwd, stor etc.)

Any ideas on what I can do to help tracking it down?

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