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Default ioFTPD v6.1.0 Beta Released

Good news! ioFTPD can now be run as a real service! CPSV for FXP is available! Support for a semi-stealth mode (Microsoft broke real stealth for anything less than a network driver/firewall application) allows the server to act dumb and just drop the connection without printing anything if the IP/host isn't recognized as belonging to any user. Crc32 support for scripters! Fixed the No_SubDir_Sizing option! Plus lots of other new features and fixes.

With this release the majority of features people have requested have all been added. There are still a few things to do (like maybe builtin zip support for itcl scripters) and I have a few ideas like download counters for files that show up in directory listings, and mandatory requirements for host/ip masks (i.e. must supply 2 or 3 octets), but the majority of stuff is done. It's bug hunt mode now.

Now for the bad news! I haven't tested this release very well so I tagged this one as a Beta. Please grab it and try all the new stuff and report back anything you notice not working right.

Latest Version:

Worse news! From the random crashes in v6.0.x that some people are seeing there might be some memory corruption taking place. I haven't really looked for it yet. But that's going to be the priority now. For those of you who want to help I've also packaged up the source for this release. I'm not sure but it might be compilable with VS2005 Express C++ compiler that MS gives away free to everyone. If so let me know. I'm using the full VS2005 release so I know that works.

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