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I had the same thing happen, and have had a substantive discussion with support (and senior management) about it.

It seems that there are various situations in which an order is "queued" for manual review, and the dispatch of the key is deferred. If you go to the shop section of the site (the "Shop" option in the menu on the top left, then click "Order history" in the "Your cart" section and click the search button, then you will probably see that your order is "queued".

There are apparently various reasons why this happens, including something that raises a fraud warning flag, or that some of the "mandatory" fields don't have information that is regarded as sensible. There may be other reasons too, for all I know.

Anyway, if the order is "queued" then it gets looked at manually and either the order authorized and processed, or you'll get a contact mail from iniCom explaining what the problem is. Most orders apparently conclude automatically and the key is dispatched pretty much immediately on payment, but a small number end up queued in this way.

Apparently, when an order is "queued" a mail should have gone out explaining all this. I didn't get any such mail, which is one of the things that wound me up, and iniCom are checking to see if that mail was sent and just didn't arrive (which is possible) or whether there's a system problem and it wasn't sent for some reason.

I'm assured that these manual reviews are handled promptly, but only during normal office hours, Pacific time. In my case, that meant the weekend going by before I had a response but, as soon as office hours came round, I did indeed get a response and, after a brief exchange of views, the registration key. Unfortunately, in my case, it was too late by then and the need had passed.

I'm just a customer that has had a similar experience to yourself and can't speak for iniCom, but I would suggest that either the key or a contact mail will arrive shortly after iniCom support staff arrive at the office.
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