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Default V6 & Scripts

It looks like the current v6 release is playing nice with mosts scripts. Deleting the encoding directory from the TCL library forced TCL into non-UTF mode which made it compatible with existing older scripts and ioFTPD again.

I think I found an issue with ioA. The new builtin "site free" command is confusing ioA which expected the output from it's own version when you issue !free commands. Anybody else seeing this? I'll rename my internal command to "site freespace" and alias it to "site free" in the config file and ioA users can just remove the alias.

But I thought people could chime in here with scripts (and version info!) that are working for them...

On a side note, I'm also interested in trying out a new zipscript and am looking for something that is actively being developed as well as reasons why you like it... Bonus if 1) the file_id.diz logic is really good or better yet user modifiable to handle badly formatted releases, and 2) if it can handle split rars inside zips. In particular I think is should be possible that looking at a set of zip files that the release checker should be able to verify that all the split rar pieces are present by examining the rar headers. I trust the rars more than a file_id.diz file...
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