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In your first reply, you said that FlashFXP doesn't set permissions... the server does. So I did a little test - there are other users on the server and they don't have any problem setting the correct permissions. Meaning, if they transfer something, the permissions are automatically (correctly) set to 777.

I then used one of the "working" accounts to see whether I would get the same result (file/folder permissions set to 777) and unfortunately, for some strange reason, my transfer still sets the folder's permission to 700!

The account owner then tried to transfer the exact same file using the exact same account that I used for testing and guess what - the file's permissions are correctly set to 777!

So clearly, there must be something wrong on my end because the others don't have any problem with their accounts + permissions and if I use any of the other (working) accounts, then, the wrong permissions will be set again!
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