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Lightbulb ioFTPD.ini, default vfs and a suggestion


Are Device_Concurrency and Upload_PreAllocation back and working? If I remember correctly think they where taken out a few versions ago, before 5.8.4 or something.

Please clarify changes/rename made to Transfer_Buffer. Before there were [Network] Internal_Transfer_Buffer and [Ftp] Transfer_Buffer... I think. Or are they the same function? If they are/were different, how does/did it work compared to now?

Default VFS

For the default vfs I suggest putting an empty dir inside FTP-ROOT-DIR called "Incoming" (nice for the noobs hehe) since that's the example given in ioFTPD for special vfs permissions. Maybe even a .ioFTPD file (dir chmodded to 777). Also changing "C:\ioFTPD\FTP-ROOT-DIR" to "..\FTP-ROOT-DIR". Both things would make ioFTPD work a little easier "out-of-the-box" when for example putting it on another drive than C:\.

EDIT: That would of course mean an empty root dir inside the ioftpd dir structure. I suggest moving bin inside /ioFTPD and ioGui inside /ioFTPD/scripts (or at least in /ioFTPD for noobs). Not a good idea imho to use path C:\ioFTPD\ioFTPD or to put ioFTPD, bin, ioGui, FTP-ROOT-DIR and readme + lnk in root of any drive - makes it hard to keep track.

I even have a habit of putting my vfs-files in /vfs instead of /etc because vfs-files are (manaully) modified more frequently than the files in /etc. A seperate dir makes it easier to handle when you end up with alot more vfs-files, for different groups and/or users, and minimizes the risk for unintentional modifications/deletes of those files in /etc.

Suggestion (I should have posted this waaay earlier)

Please make a function for unsetting the value of the vfsfile string in user and group files. Suggestions (to follow current command structure):
site change <user> vfsfileunset
site change <group> groupvfsfileunset

The problem is if you have set a specific vfsfile/groupvfsfile for a user or group and just want to revert to default vfs, you can't. You would either have to manually edit the user or group file (usually a big no-no) or actually setting the vfsfile to ie. ..\etc\default.vfs which would make it harder to administrate if you at any point want to change the name or location of that default.vfs (you'd have to change those user/group files again).

Maybe there are other strings/options that need the ability to be unset? Like admingroups? Not sure how that work atm though.

Just my two cents for now


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