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Default idle connection speed - slow download

This is a general problem for flashfxp that i noticed in v1.x and in v2.x and i dont know if it's just a wrong option or if it is hardcoded:

Let's suppose i am sitting on a 512kbit line and i am downloading from an ftp server. I reach +/8- 55kb/sec...everything's fine.
But now i am starting other downloads or i am surfing on the web.

This is NOT a feeling or something but i think that flashfxp is using the connection speed that is unused by other programs so that if i have another download started AFTER i started the flashfxp download, flashfxp just decreases speed until it reaches 0,0.

I tried flashfxp on a 10mbit server where the max. amount of people where downloading. With Flashfxp, i started with 55kb/sec, then after 1 minute i reached 0,0. I tried both Cuteftp and Bulletproof and was downloading with 55 for hours.

Is there a way to configure flashfxp to not online use the "idle connection speed" but to use the "full speed".

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