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Originally Posted by tuff View Post
03) SystemError.log can report the wrong info on errors

This is pretty random, and i cant recreate it at will myself, but from time to time, ioftpd will create your SystemError.log with info stating that for example iosfv returned an error, then go on to list the error, but the error it lists isnt any piece of script/variables used in iosfv
sounds like a memory leak? [ or malloc, cos i know for a fact in d1's pzs, he missed a \0 off allocating memory for the sfv, which is why everyone was getting extra/chopped/garbled infos in the sfvs (and maybe still do ;o) thus resulting in all those incomplete/missing bogus files complaints ],,,, just a thought,, happy hunting ;@

also if i remember rightly, it doesn't carriage return the end/start of the logs input, rather like when io wasn't truncating ioftpd.log entries > 256 chars, so output to log was missing final carriage return, resulting massive lines screwing up bots,,,

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