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Hi guys,

Rather than have 40 threads with various info, i decided the start 1 single thread.

This thread should contain bug reports and feature requests youd like to see in the version hes working on.

I`ll keep an eye on this thread, paraphrase/remove your post and add it to this main post

Here's what ive came up with so far:


01) 4k .ioftpd bug
02) Empty line in Group/UserIDTable files crash io
03) SystemError.log can report the wrong info on errors
04) Year stamp can be missing/wrong on directory info
05) Update IP address on site config rehash
06) Fix SHMEM issues


01) An option configurable from ioftpd.ini to hide ip/host info in xferlog
02) An option configurable from ioftpd.ini to ignore idle commands
04) Allow more than 1024 users
05) A documented and working user module interface

Please try and keep this thread CLEAN!

Yil is invited to post any relevant info he feels fit, all other posts will be added to this one

#iotools #ioftpd (both on efnet)

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