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personally i think that would be totally useless

if ive picked you up correctly youd need to run a error checking script after EVERY post/pre script, what sense does that make?

if scripters need to catch errors in this way they need a slap

a simple dele = TCL c:\my\errorhandler.itcl dele script

errorhandler.itcl would simply run another script/all scripts based on the pre/post command its triggered by


if {![info exists args]} {return}
set error ""
if {[string tolower $args] == "dele"} {
source "c:/ioftpd/dele.itcl"
catch {dele} error

the example would load your dele.itcl and execut the proc in that script "dele" and simply return any errors which your 1 script can deal with

io`s SystemError.log also gives enough info

dont get me wrong, atleast your thinking about io, but i honestly see most of these additions as fluff.
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