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Tuff is right on this one. Whole file CRC is available now. I searched the code for references to the CRC function and dismissed where it was occurring because it's queued to the encryption thread. Silly me. Have I mentioned that nothing is documented with purpose, argument options, or return values?

Two other TRIVIAL to implement (I've already figured out where/how) ideas for feedback:

1) A universal pre/post event. Thus you could capture and/or approve every command before command specific events are run or the command itself. Primarily I wanted something like this a long time ago so I could compute real idle times but now I view this as an essential logging tool for debugging purposes. I was thinking of just duplicating everything being sent to the client to various logfiles and that might still be a good idea because it's more detailed, but this would be pretty powerful and easy to do and doesn't preclude full logging later on.

OnPreEvent =
OnPostEvent =

2) A configurable idle timer: instead of any successful command updating the idle time you can choose to ignore some...


This simple change seems pretty useful and would allow the idle timer to kick off anyone who doesn't actually download/upload a file or do something else constructive. It would definitely defeat most anti-idle FTP client logic and being configurable can adapt as needed.

Tuff: One quick question on that lockup issue. Were you sending NOOPs or something else every few minutes or did you just have a really long idle timeout set? I've had Flash with NOOPs ever minute stay connected for long periods of time just fine while testing, but haven't tried a long timeout without sending anything. And are you talking 30 minutes, 12 hours, or 5 days?
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