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No clue on sourceforge status. I think Neoxed might have some rights, but when I downloaded the code 2 weeks ago I didn't recognize the name of the admin. I think I'll just put the source tarball and a pre-built release online at my ISP. I honestly don't think anyone besides me is playing with the older codebase right now so it's not like there's a whole lot of code control necessary

On the fly crc is good but it is never a guarantee that the files are ok. It is only a a guarantee that if the crc says it is bad then it is bad. Someone can upload a bad file, the on the fly crc says a value so only in an sfv it is usefull. But for zip files and so you still need the old fashioned scripts.
You know, that's a great point I overlooked, you still need to test zip integrity unless the whole thing got more complicated and it computed the CRC for files IN the zip based off the header info just as a regular zip tool would. If you think about it this requires no real extra work since you'd still be computing the CRC just once, but over disjoint pieces of the file as it's being transfered based on the position info from the file's header which conveniently is sent first. I guess I'll leave this to the zipscript folk for now especially since I doubt many of them actually parse the zipfile themselves. I think everybody uses 3rd party libraries which means they wouldn't know what to do with passed in filename/CRC's anyway...

Flow: good suggestions. I actually run ioFTPD as a service myself and an installer would be nice, but I think some docs on how to do it might be enough. If you can edit ioFTPD.ini to setup the server you can probably install it as a service given a little direction. It doesn't help that I don't have any experience with writing fancy installers so I'll leave that part to someone else. ioGUI2 is your systray icon Seriously, the tcl version won't have any service/user desktop interaction issues which matters to me since I run ioFTPD as a different user with limited rights and I'm guessing Vista would only make that worse.
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