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Default Last chance for bug/suggestions!

Last chance for letting me know of something you want fixed or added. I don't promise anything, but I REALLY appreciated the heads up on old script breakage in 5.8.8 because that would have sucked with older stuff. Actively maintained stuff can just recompile but lots of people look like they are using older tools.

I obviously didn't get anything out last week, BUT I'm almost done a rewrite of the code that prints directory listings... With a little more work it should print RECURSIVE (aka ls -alR) listings. I don't think that anybody else does that on windows! I've also added a permission flag so you can enable/disable recursive access. I can see disallowing it to everyone but the master account which could generate ls-alR listings every few hours and drop them in the root dir or something.

I'm also curious about one other thing, that I haven't look into at all. Anybody want to comment on having ioFTPD calculate the CRC for uploaded files on the fly and pass that to scripts? Perhaps just on newly created (non-resumed) files. This might make TCL zipscripts far better, and would certainly cut the time normal scripts require for larger files that might not be in memory cache.

LONG term... suggestions for script writers about ways to avoid creating a process for every upload sounds good to me as well. Leaving processes with redirected stdin/out sounded good to me. Or perhaps some way to register a window handle for notification. I'll leave ideas up to the folks who know better than I
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