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Default alcobot issue

after a period of not using ioftpd, i decided to give it another go, i downloaded alcobot - read through all the options, have the bot on irc, but it doesnt want to work.

in that i mean not all the triggers will work, it will announce when dirs are made, deld, halfway, complete.

triggers that will work


triggers that wont

!ngespeed <user>

all that happens when i try to use these triggers is that the bot pings out, i have re-installed all scripts one by one and still it does this, i have noticed in the readme that it says to keep all dirs like in the readme - but the lib folder in 1.2.0 doesnt seem to be there (is this right?), it even does this on the 0.7.0 - so im guessing a conf error is to blame.

if anyone requires info to be posted tell me what you need - i havent posted anything because i dont know what to post!

i have the bot set as 1m - which should let it do what ever the hell it likes, yet still no joy

ps using alcobot 1.2.0 nxtools 1.0.5a iosfv 1.51

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