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Good news Flow! I went and grabbed the SiteWho script and confirmed the problem exists. It also shows up in ioGUI2 if using the executable (I use the .itcl version so didn't notice). After some poking around and banging my head on a wall I figured out that the size of the ONLINEDATA structure changed slightly. SiteWho and ioGUI2 are working again

I've still got a problem with shutdown, and while trying to solve it I accidentally fixed the Service_Update scheduler event. Surprise! The event is actually called ConfigUpdate. Geesh... I haven't tested it, but I believe this might solve the issue when the address is dynamic. I'm pretty sure I remember reading a thread where people were forced to restart ioFTPD when their IP changed. Hopefully this wasn't a new change and it will fix the old bug.

Four items remain on my todo list:
1) Fix the stupid shutdown bug.
2) Determine if it's stable. I noticed a random crash or two while playing around in the debugger and the second time I noticed it occurred at the top of the hour so I thought it was the Service_Update event.
3) Implement ls-alR. I think I figured out how to do it without changing the whole send logic based around buffers, but now I just need to try and implement it.
4) Look at ripping out the whole encryption thread stuff. No reason for such specialized threads when the regular worker thread pool can do it while avoiding the context switch.

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