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Default maybe bit old, but its new since last post

---------------------------12:28:10 24/07/2002---------------------------
Version: 2.0 RC2 (build 867)
Compiled on: Jul 14, 2002
OS Ver: WinXP

Exception 'EFileListError' in module FlashFXP.exe at 000C5BBB
FileList index out of bounds [3]

Source file: FtpList.pas, Line 158
Error within Try/Except

Call stack:
:004C6BBB [FlashFXP.exe] (FtpList.pas, line 158)
:00538ED0 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 14655)
:005343D2 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 13133)
:00517706 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 3597)
:00513155 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 2027)
:004423FC [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 4233)
:004357DA [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 3078)
:004448BB [FlashFXP.exe] (Controls.pas, line 5571)
:00432B2E [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 1451)
:77D13A5F [user32.dll]
:77D13B2E [user32.dll]
:77D13D6A [user32.dll]
:77D141FD [user32.dll]
:00549D7D [FlashFXP.exe] (FlashFXP.dpr, line 221)
:77E5EB69 [kernel32.dll]

I now run the latest build 869
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