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Thanks for your response. I was aware of that disabling or resetting the password without knowing the old one, would not give me access to my data files, otherwise the password feature would be useless.

Any way I have found out why FlashFXP is asking for a password. It's not because this feature has been enabled in Flash FXP. It is a security feature in Windows Vista called "User account control" that is blocking the program's access to some files.

When a program is launched, this feature is supposed to ask the user if he really wants to launch the application and permit an access to his computer. This only applies to programs which Windows Vista doesn't recognize as a safe program. Windows is also adding a small security mark to the desktop icon for these programs, signifying that the program is unsafe and/or unrecognized.

In some way this isn't working for FlashFXP, although there isn't any security mark on the desktop icon, and Windows doesn't ask for a permission to launch the program, it is blocked anyway, and this is probably also the reason for why the uninstall failed.

If I disable the "User account control" (requires restart) FlashFXP is working normally again and is not asking for a password, and there are no problems installing or uninstalling the program.
Enabling it again gives the same problem as before.

I don't know if this is general problem on computers running Vista.
My configuration is:
Dell Inspiron 6400
Windows Vista Home Premium
FlashFXP 3.4 final
Core2duo T5600
2048 MB Ram
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