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I'm using the lastest build tcl-8.4.14 though probably any should work.

Make sure you build it with thread support from tcl/win I used:
nmake -nologo -f release OPTS=threads

When using VS2005 there was NO combination of makefile OPTS= flags that would build a tcl without the msvcr80.dll dependency even though it was clearly designed to TRY to do this based on the range of options documented in the makefile. I ended up just changing -MD to -MT in manually and then building it. You may also want to build debug versions for testing.

You'll also need PHP so to save a question... I'm using php-4.4.5 and be careful of the time.h header file in the php dir. I ended up building php then nuking it since ioFTPD didn't want that specific file but does include other files from the php include dir and that means the system time.h was being masked. Obviously there are many other possible solutions
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