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Exclamation Compiling ioFTPD

Since progress on ioFTPD has stalled I decided for kicks to grab the 5.8.5 publicly available sources and go fix the 4k bug and a timestamp bug. I found the bugs really quickly and decided to compile the code, prove it was doing what I thought it was, and then try to fix them. The problem of course is that I stupidly expected the 5.8.5 sources they released to actually compile...

janalcrew over in the programming forum here noted the same issue. The file module.h is missing.

Now, in an attempt to lookup what I thought was a bug in an itcl function I noticed I couldn't find any reference to iputs, mountfile, etc anywhere in the released sources. Thus unless module.h includes this stuff there probably isn't enough of the tcl bindings to get ioFTPD running with tcl. I'm assuming the src/event/tcl directory shouldn't be empty...

Needless to say, I'm disappointed but not surprised. All I'm looking for are a few files... pretty please

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