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Default Crazy cursor on Vista

In Vista, during transfer, whether FlashFXP is minimized or not, the cursor is constantly switching for less than a second to the working in background cursor. It seems to happen when it goes to the next file in queue but doesn't happen every time it goes to the next file (or maybe it does but it's quick enough sometimes for me not to notice it).

I never noticed this in XP and think that I would have because it's quite annoying when trying to work on other programs while a long transfer is taking place. I don't have this kind of problem with other software working, just seems to be a flashfxp thing with Vista.

Thanks ahead of time.
- David

Sys info below:

FlashFXP v3.4.0 build 1145 registered
Windows Vista Ultimate
Linksys WRT54G
Windows Firewall
No Antivirus
Cable ISP (RR)
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