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Default SSL help whats goin on?????

ok whenever i connect to SSL servers my shit is screwed up
[R] Connected. Negotiating SSL session..
[R] SSL negotiation successful...
[R] SSL encrypted session using cipher AES128-SHA (128 bits)
[R] 220 Registry services v.6 for WinSock ready...
[R] PBSZ 0
[R] 200 PBSZ command OK. Protection buffer size set to 0.
[R] USER fill
[R] 331 User name okay, need password.
[R] PASS (hidden)
it stop at the PASS and sits ther and i have to keep reconnect hammering the server until it goes to the dir
not only that after i connect i start downloading it transfer fails after like 5 files and i have to go back in and hammer the server again

i dont know what is happening this never used to happen to me like this but recently
ive tried diff releases of flashfxp and still same problem
i am running the newest version at the moment right now 1145 REGISTERED

this only happens on SSL for me....Implicit SSL i dont use the others

Thank You For Your time...........

By the way
heres my info 1145 REGISTERED
OS = WinXP
No router
normal winxp firewall
no antivirus programs
Network= Cable

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