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Default Sort of 'quota' in scheduler?

For example, when starting a shedule that will stop automatically at a certain time, it would be useful to be able to set a quota limit as well, so that you can be sure that only a certain amount of data is transfered. This could be used in conjunction with the time settings (halt on whichever is reached first), or to a lesser extent.. inspite of the time setting (have no end time, just an end data amount).

Often i transfer large queues during the night, and sometimes things move much more quickly than anticipated (or indeed much slower). In the case of the former such a feature could be used to avoid over filling a hard drive or using too large a portion of a bandwidth quota, and so on.

Edit: A daily/periodic quota limit as a per site setting could also be quite useful in some circumstances, although this is i think i would personally use at this time i can certainly see how this would be handy for other users with different operating environments.
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