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Originally Posted by infernix
Example: some file is 7.95GB large. On site A it's complete, on site B it's only 6.25GB. When I transfer the file from A to B through FXP with auto resume set, it will start resume somewhere halfway (e.g. 2.5GB) instead of at the end of the file. I have tried enabliing and disabling Rollback KB, switching to STAT -L instead of LS, but to no avail. I have no idea why it's not resuming the file at the end (minus rollback KB) but somewhere in the middle of the file.
during fxp transfer flashfxp doesn't see any content of the file, and it doesn't really care about its size. it just reads what one servers tells it and redirect it to the other. that file is being resumed at 2.5gb becuase server says that is how big it is. flashfxp itself has no problem transfering files over 4gb in size.
i don't want it to sound like pointing fingers, but you will need to look into server software to make sure that it does indeed can handle large files.
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