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I have double checked my File Exist Rules, and for FXP they are set to auto skip for all three options.

If I select several files on source and they are all on the destination, it is only the first file that it tries to transfer.

Looks like this:

[12:24:55] [L] PASV
[12:24:55] [L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx)
[12:24:55] [R] PORT xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx
[12:24:55] [R] 200 PORT command successful.
[12:24:55] [R] STOR xxxxx.r85
[12:24:56] [R] 553- xxxxx.r85: This file looks like a dupe!
[12:24:56] [R] Transfer Failed!
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r02
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r05
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r14
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r18
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r20
[12:24:56] [L] Skip [equal]: xxxxx.r23
[12:24:56] [L] TYPE A
[12:24:56] [L] 200 Type set to A.
[12:24:56] [L] PROT P
[12:24:56] [L] 200 Protection set to Private
[12:24:56] [L] PASV
[12:24:56] [L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xx,xx,xx,xx)
[12:24:56] [L] Opening data connection IP: xx.xx.xx.xx PORT: xxxxx
[12:24:56] [L] LIST
[12:24:56] [L] Connected. Negotiating TLSv1 session..
[12:24:56] [L] TLSv1 negotiation successful...
Some lines here
[12:24:57] [R] List Complete: 6 KB in 1,38 second (4,8 KB/s)
[12:24:57] Transfer queue completed
[12:24:57] Skipped 6 files
[12:24:57] 1 File failed to transfer

Should have been Skipped 7 files since all 7 files were already on the source.

It still says "Skip [equal]" instead of just skip. But it is very fast like it was before the SIZE command was implemented. So I guess that the SIZE command isn't sent eventhough the message says "Skip [equal]".

So as you say it might just be a simple issue causing it to try and transfer the first file when it should just skip it according to the FER.

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