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I have now tried the DGFS=1 setting.

It works better, but it still doesn't do like it did in the good old versions.

If I have the exact same files in the two windows, it will still try to transfer the first file, even though it is already on the destination.

I am pretty sure the old version I used before (before the SIZE command was implemented) just skipped every single file if the file name was already on the destination (no matter what the size was).

Any chance that the behaviour can be like it used to be in pre 3.2 versions. Think the last version without that SIZE command was 3.0.0 build 1015.

And for MxxCon. I actually do have a license, but have been using an old version for ages, since that hidden SIZE command kinda made the new versions useless for me.

But I remain in the hope that it will be possible to get it to do like it did in the past, which was if file exists (no matter what size it has) just skip it. And that is still not what it does with the DGFS=1 setting.

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