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Default Disabling of hidden SIZE command please.


In the thread "FlashFXP takes LONG to skip files in FXP mode" in General forum it is mentioned that FFXP sends a hidden SIZE command for every file it tries to transfer.

It is also mentioned that there might be a change to making it optional, so one can turn it on and off.

I have just checked the latest version of FFXP and unfortunately it is still not possible to disable it.

Maybe it is just me using FFXP in a weird way, but when I tell it to skip files in FXP mode, I don't care if the size is the same or if the file is even there. If the directory tree says it is there I would just like it to skip it without further notice.

Now, why is this such a big deal. Well, if you have a directory with lets say 150 files and they are all in both pannels. Then with the SIZE command for each file, it takes like 15-20 seconds to get through the entire list of files (maybe even longer). Without the SIZE command it just takes 1-2 seconds and its done.

Would you please reconsider to make the sending of the SIZE command optional for the user to choose.

Thanks in advance.

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