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Originally Posted by MxxCon
on the side that used to have your local folders click right-most icon called "Switch to Local Browser"
Um I don't have a button which says Switch to Local Browser which was the problem, I could not switch anything at all...? Now I am not sure if this was bug or what but there was no button, 100% not there, but there is a way around this, just go to View and then click on "FTP only" and then the local directories come back again but there is still no button to switch back to local directory. Click on View again and then take the tick out of "FTP only" again and the local Directory comes back and the icons on both sides allow you to switch between the two.

Also it says greyed out Local Directory on the left pane. Which is correct? One person is not enough to state this is a potential bug or human error; you would need to replicate this on the same OS on a different machine to see if this happens. My assumption to the cause of this happening was when the software said my registration key was invalid and to contact support, I entered the registration code in again and then everything just went all TU...?

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