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1. For most sites over the internet you'll see a very small packet size, probably 1460 bytes. The size of an ethernet packet. Some servers will use 8K (i.e. GLFTPD) but the majority don't. You're probably wondering why we anything close to 256k, well normally you don't. However when the site is really far away and there is high lantency between you and the site having a higher buffer allows more data to be read per cycle.

As far as using something larger than 256k. That would be pretty much overkill and I haven't seen any reason to support such said size.

As MxxCon pointed out v2 is quite old, I don't have the source code at hand for that version, So I don't know what buffer size was used. I'm thinking it was either 8k or 32k.

The routine for transferring files is single threaded. As such FlashFXP should perform just as well on a single cpu vs duel core cpu.

On my lan using Gene6 FTPd, I have no problem getting 40MB/s file transfers. The limiting factor being the hard drives.

CPU usage should be quite low unless you're doing a LAN, SSL, or MODE Z transfer.

2. To have this as an option is unnecessary.
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