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I can reprocedure this issue everytime (on my two machines)
  1. downloaded the latest BETA,
  2. install in a new folder.
  3. run the program.
  4. add a FTP site and start download
everything is default value. Have I forget to tune something?

BTW: I just test v2 and v3 on my both machines.
v2 can reach always 100mbit/s
v3 can reach only 50mbit/s

My machine #1: Intel Core Duo E6400, 2GB DDR667 (dual channel), 320GB SATA 2.0 7200rpm, WinXP Pro+SP2
My machine #2: IBM T43, Centrino 1,73, 1GB DDR533 (dual channel), 80GB 5400rpm, WinXP Pro+SP2

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